About Us

Petite & Sweet is Toronto’s first event & lifestyle boutique & the birth child of Madison 8 event & flower lab & Sweetfix.. You can speak to an event planner or designer and let us be your one-stop shop for all your event needs. From fresh and silk flowers for all occasions,event staff, catering, rentals, to specialty designer gifts, hostess gifts, home accessories Petite & Sweet has it all. Indulge in limited-edition treats at our specialty candy bar station including Fauchon from Paris, take advantage of our fabulous gift-wrapping, or taste one our many fresh coffee, teas, macaron’s & pastries.

Contact Information:

Petite & Sweet

420 Summerhill Avenue

Toronto, ON  M4W 2E4

P: 647.348.7700

E: info@petiteandsweet.ca