Follow these simple steps to add sweet & colourful flair to your treat supply!

 1. Pop some popcorn, add butter & salt. Lay the popcorn out across a baking pan covered in parchment paper.

2. Zap some Candy Melts in a microwave-safe bowl for twenty seconds at a time, stirring in between and being sure not to let it burn. When a smooth consistency is reached, it’s time to drizzle! Take a plastic baggie, fill with melted candy, snip off the corner so you can use it as a piping bag. Drizzle liberally across popcorn pan. Mix as many colours as you like! (melt colours separately)

3. Let dry (about ten minutes) and then pour into bowls or personal popcorn boxes/bags and enjoy!

{as seen on our End of Summer sweet table}


xo Elle

Awesome Bat Mitzvah we just did! Mazel Tov!!

We just planned & designed a Bat Mitzvah for the beautiful Zoe and we were so happy to be involved with your special day!!! It was such a great party and we planned it all including decor, flowers, and sweet table, coordinated the entertainment and much more! Check out some of the pics!